Roger Rafael Romero is a musician, artist, composer and educator from Scotch Plains, NJ.



is an artist, composer and producer who leans into his quirks and destroys your expectations. His band, Feralcat and the Wild, is a prog-rock/emo/fusion band where his sweeping saxophone melodies carry overtop driving distorted guitars and synthesizers up, around and in your face. As a solo artist & producer, the music he creates lends saxophone melodies/harmonies to sounds in lo-fi, synth-wave and video game-inspired (pls put me in your game) tracks.

In addition to his own characteristic work as an artist, he has performed as a sideman with neo-soul singer Sierra Sellers, Afro-Latin jazz fusion band Hugo Cruz y Caminos, and the eco-socialist avant-garde ensemble Afro Yaqui Music Collective.