Follow Up: Starship Mantis |Feralcat Record Release Show 

Hi everyone - I’m overwhelmed, what about you? 

I had worked tirelessly for over a year to write music, learn music, practice music, get musicians together, prepare recording sessions, book rehearsals, develop marketing strategies, prepare my story, develop a live show, develop branding, work out my look, finalize the live show, develop merchandise, work on stage presence, and of course record songs. All of this...for a 1 hour moment on Saturday, June 1st. You’d think that seems like a lot of work for very little pay off, but I’d easily do that again for the rush I felt from that show. The positive reception and overall warmth I’ve received after the show has been overwhelming. Make no mistake - I’ve never performed at that level as a front man before. In a move that I’d never recommend anyone actually do, I made the stakes ridiculously high and decided to premier my music in a performance that should have been a trial run. It was raw, energetic, and sometimes shaky, but it was so so so pure and honest. It all felt right, and that’s in no small part because of the great vibes from everyone in the audience. To those who came out to the show - you’ve changed my life forever. 

I’m relieved, too, that the hard work that has been put into the music and performance has finally yielded something spectacular. Thank you to my friends and collaborators Caleb Lombardi, Drew Bayura, Allen Bell, Chris Trepagnier, Brandon Lehman, and Shane McLaughlin. The music literally could not exist as it does without our team at The Attic Music Group, the hours and expertise that these musicians put into the songs. Thank you to my brothers Hansel & Allan, for sharing the stage with me and kicking enough ass to leave the room shook by the idea of the “Romero Brothers”. Thank you also to Hansel for making my record sound like nothing I could have dreamed. Thank you to my parents, Rafael & Lucia, for driving all the way to Pittsburgh to watch their songs perform heavy rock music. Thank you to Felipe for being the man behind all of my branding (Album Art, T-shirts, logos, etc.) and giving the concept such a unique look/feel. Thank you to Nikki for taking incredible photos and being responsible for what is now my image. Thank you to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh City Paper, Very Local Pittsburgh, Erika Laing/First Angel Media, Scene Unheard Podcast, and Rawness of Reality Podcast for taking a chance on me and providing my first press write-ups/interviews! Thank you to Starship Mantis for putting on one of the most intense, virtuosic feel-good performances I’ve ever attended. Thanks Mike Canton for the interview opportunity and for opening the show up right. 

Finally, thank you everyone who believed in me enough to listen and learn about me. I will not rest until the saxophone has taken on new life in the eyes of the public. It’s time to show the world that Pittsburgh is a TOUR-DE-FORCE music city. Let’s kick some ass; the future is bright AF. 

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